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Buyer  Personas:

Getting to know your customers intimately.


Today, successful marketing requires a personalized approach. There’s no excuse for relying on the old “Spray and pray” marketing approach while your competitors are harnessing and leveraging specific data about customers, letting them custom-tailor marketing messages and content to each individual and his/her unique needs and wants.


To personalize, you need to really get to know your customers – not just as collections of demographic statistics, but as full-blown “personas” – people with daily concerns, problems to solve, pains to remove, jobs to accomplish, promotions to earn, families to support and more. You’ll want to know who they socialize with, who they turn to for advice, where they get information, and who or what influences their opinions. In total, you’ll want to gain insight into how you can make their day, with educational content, direct assistance, and ultimately, products and services that meet their needs.


Profiling and knowing your buyer personas will help you tailor specific marketing content – both purely educational and helpful, and more sales-oriented – to perfectly resonate with buyers as they progress through their buyers’ journeys – and guide them toward choosing you, as both their trusted advisor, and their vendor of choice.