Ron Marcus


Ron Marcus

Marketing / Branding / Customer Journey Expert 
Consultant, Presenter, and Facilitator

Ron has been working in branding and marketing communications for 30 years. He has both broad and deep experience with branding and marketing strategy and tactics. He is a true multi-disciplinarian with a combination of big-picture thinking and tactical execution. He’s worked for many years on both the client side and the agency side.

Ron’s forte is helping both new and established companies to develop and align their mission, culture and brand, then create and execute winning branding and marketing strategies. He’s worked with a wide variety of B2B companies in diverse industries. He’s also helped a number of nonprofits optimize their branding and their marketing programs.

Leverage Ron’s decades of experience in:

  • Brand definition and strategy that’s customer-driven for results
  • Marketing campaign design and optimization
  • Marketing automation and email marketing
  • Marketing communication:
    • Copywriting of all types
    • Creative direction / graphic design
    • Content strategy and creation
    • Websites
    • Video direction and production
    • Podcast creation and production
    • Public relations

In addition, Ron is an accomplished presenter and facilitator, voice over artist, musician and martial artist. When he’s not working, Ron plays in bands, teaches karate, and volunteers. He is a Southern California native and has called San Diego home since 1985. He lives with his wife Galina and their two cats, Sam and Toby.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Fall seven times to stand eight times; life starts from now.”
  • “There is no failure; only feedback.”
  • “It’s only a mistake if you do it twice.”
  • “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”
  • “To fill your cup, you must first empty your cup.”

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