Experience in many industries:

BRANDVIVO is your B2B marketing partner


Over the years, companies from many industries have partnered with the folks at BRANDVIVO to energize their brands, spruce up their marketing communications and create demand generation programs to grow revenue (see all of our services here »). Industries include banking, technology, construction, consumer goods, management consulting, printing, peer executive groups, and nonprofits.

Companies in these industries and more have come to use because of our ability to quickly learn about their specific business cases and develop effective programs to reach their customers.

We’ve spent extended periods working in some of these industries and have gained highly-specialized experience as a result, allowing us to hit the ground running for you even more quickly in those markets.


One of the industries that has tapped BRANDVIVO extensively is banking. We spent several years each supporting the branding and marketing programs of such banks as Mission Federal Credit Union, Torrey Pines Bank, Alliance Bank of Arizona, Bank of Nevada, and, most recently, Silvergate Bank. We understand the products and services, customer needs, messaging, copywriting styles and compliance issues, and compliance requirements in the banking segment very well.


Technology is another BRANDVIVO sweet spot. Numerous technology companies have relied on our work to help them with theirs, including iTECH Engineering, Spacelink and its subsidiary, Camzone; MIR3, Business Complete Solutions, Business Protection Systems, Inc., eMOBUS, ZUZA Marketing Asset Management, Talley Communications, Concerto Networks and Supply Risk Solutions.


BRANDVIVO knows construction, having worked closely for years with both M Bar C Construction, a builder of light-and heavy-gauge steel structures; ETC Construction, a general contractor and architecture firm; and Curtis Drilling, provider of services for foundation drilling, caisson, and earth retention projects. This experience means we can construct a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing campaign for your construction company in very short time.


Your startup has it’s offering, its funding and it terrific team. All that’s left is to tell the world with an endearing brand and an effective, demand generating marketing program. BRANDVIVO is expert at helping companies old and new to define their brands and launch their demand generation programs. We’ll help you take your startup to the next level of success. Learn more about our Startup Marketing program »

What can we do for you?

No matter what industry you’re in, our specialty is to dive in, learn fast, and apply tried and true brand and marketing principles that work across all industries to help your company rise to the top. Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation to assess your needs and recommend a course of action.

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